Elexir 6 JR

PRO TOUCH's Elexir 6 JR is a comfortable running shoe for young neutral-gait runners offering plenty of cushioning for a pleasant running experience. The Elexir features a durable B-Shape inlay for extra comfort, which can be replaced with orthotics if needed. The lightweight Cushion Fit midsole construction reliably absorbs shock to protect the runner's joints. The Elexir's Dura Grip outsole ensures grip and added durability on most surfaces and features an Easy Flex zone under the forefoot for optimal flexibility.

Article Number


Upper material

Mesh, Synthetic

Midsole material

Phylon, TPR

Gait type


Arch type

Normal Foot

Features & Benefits

Cushion Fit

Midsole construction designed to reliably absorb shock and provide high comfort. The weight of the Cushion Fit midsole was significantly reduced without compromising its durability.

Dura Grip

Advanced outsole material providing enhanced grip and added durability.

Easy Flex

A special zone in the forefoot of the shoe’s outsole providing optimal flexibility.

Kids Fit

Experts advice to find the perfect fit for the kid.



A durable EVA inlay that provides extra comfort. For users with special needs, the B-Shape can be removed and replaced with orthotics.

Pro Touch Elexir 6 JR


Under Pronator


Over Pronator

Severe Over Pronator

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