Enjoy a new running sensation!  


"P 1.0 with e-springs technology acts as a shock absorber for the foot which reduces the peak impact loading rate, whilst in the push off phase the e-springs release their stored energy."
Mr. Jim Richards (Professor of Biomechanics, Research Lead for Allied Health, Brook Building, School of Sport, Tourism & the Outdoors, University of Central Lancashire, Preston UK) 



When your foot strikes the ground while running, a significant impact force affects the entire body system. This force can account for more than 2 times your body weight and may cause injury. Yet more importantly, the runner can feel very un comfortable if these forces are not reduced by a cushioning and shock absorber system.

PRO TOUCH introduces a running shoe technology that reduces the rate of these forces and enhances the comfort during the heel strike or first contact and mid stance phase. In addition, it energises your foot’s push off during the toe off phase with the e-springs technology, featured in the new PRO TOUCH P 1.0 running shoe. 34 coiled e-springs are well placed within the shoe’s midsole between the heel and forefoot. They create a system that
offers two separate functions that complement each other for a completely new running sensation: The e-springs act as a shock absorber and releases energy for a new comfort and performance level in running footwear.


In the first phase (touch down) of each step, your lower leg – the POWER SOURCE – compress the e-springs. This is when the e-springs technology acts as a shock absorber, lowering the rate of these peak impact forces. During phase two (mid stance), the energy is absorbed and stored for the release during the push off phase. We call this the POWER TRANSITION.


In the POWER RELEASE phase (toe off) the lower leg drives the foot forward as the e-springs release energy.