PRO TOUCH - Athletic Passion




The athletic brand with more than 20 years of experience in catering active sports enthusiasts with great quality performance products. Introduced in 1992 the brand offers a large variety of hardware, footwear and apparel products for various athletic sports disciplines with an excellent price-quality-ratio.

PRO TOUCH is designed to fulfill the needs and demands of people with a passion for athletic sports like Running, Football, Basketball, Martial Arts, indoor and outdoor team sports, or many multi-sport activities. The quality of PRO TOUCH products will never disappoint. They are designed to offer reliable function and great durability, and PRO TOUCH is dedicated to support the consumer’s athletic spirit. Despite the unbeatable price points of our products, PRO TOUCH guarantees that each product features proven technologies, high-quality materials and up-to-date designs.

PRO TOUCH is made for kids, teens and adult men and women. What our consumers of any age or gender have in common is their enthusiasm for athletic activities and their interest in a variety of different sports. Good and reliable product solutions for top performances are more important to them than the image of a brand logo.

At PRO TOUCH, we believe in supporting the athletic spirit with the best possible products at exceptionally competitive prices!